About Us

Saint Matthew’s is located in downtown Scranton at 425 Jefferson Avenue.

  • Phone – 570.342-1000
  • Fax – 570.347.1166
  • Email – lutherangels @ epix.net

Saint Matthew’s United Evangelical Lutheran Church will seek to exemplify our baptismal commitment to be God’s people in this congregation, community and in the world by:

  • following Christ in compassion and service;
  • praising God through public prayer, worship and sharing of the word and sacrament;
  • and, accepting the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to enjoy the peace and power of God’s love with all of His creation.

We welcome all to worship with us.  We hope you will be refreshed and renewed by God’s Sacrament and Word, the music and by the fellowship of being among caring and believing Christians.

If you are looking for a new Church home, we hope that you continue to worship with us and become part of our Church family.  If you are just passing through, we wish you Godspeed on your journey.

Communion Policy

All who have made their first communion and seek to walk in obedient fellowship with Christ are invited to receive the Sacrament.  Regardless of your domination, we gladly share the Sacrament with you if you are afforded this privilege by your home congregation.  This is Christ’s table.  He invites you.